Can't Be Tamed? Us neither. 

Show your wild side.

The collection name comes from my good friend, Parth Patel, who lives the perfect mix of adventurous, clever, and savy. 
Thank you to all our models in this collection, including Olivia Kalata, Sammi Gibbons, Josie Medema, Kya Rognstad, Jennifer Weis, Jenn Latoza, Melissa Bak, Oliwia Wolek, Cat Mauntee, Amanda Phillips, Triniti Cruz, Cecilia Brooks, Autumn Powell, & Alex Alontage.  
And a huge thank you to everyone else that made this collection possible, including Mike Pirszel, CJ, Stephanie Hana, May Bergeson, Rebecca Tomala, Marcos Singletary, Christine Kalata, & John Duda.